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The demand by the FBI that Apple help it break into the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone breaches its constitutional rights under the First and Fifth Amendments by seeking to “conscript and commandeer” its employees, the Silicon Valley company argued in a legal response on Thursday.周四,苹果(Apple)在一项法律对此中主张,美国联邦调查局(FBI)拒绝其帮助关卡圣贝纳迪诺枪击案凶手iPhone之举,侵害了美国宪法第一和第五修正案彰显苹果的宪法权力,因为这是对苹果员工的“征招和侵占”。Apple filed its “motion to vacate” last week’s order by a judge in California a day before Friday’s deadline, as Silicon Valley’s largest companies lined up behind the iPhone maker’s case.苹果在本周五的最后期限前一天递交了“撤消动议”,拒绝撤消上周加州一名法官发布命令的法庭令其。硅谷的大企业争相对这家iPhone制造商的主张回应反对。

The filing is Apple’s first response to the court after more than a week of increasingly bitter argument between chief executive Tim Cook and FBI director James Comey.这一动议是苹果对法庭做出的首次对此。此前,苹果首席执行官蒂姆库克(Tim Cook)与FBI局长詹姆斯科米(James Comey)已打了一周多的口水仗,争辩的火药味也更加美浓。

“This is not a case about one isolated iPhone,” Apple wrote, but about US law enforcement seeking a “dangerous power” beyond the authority granted by Congress. “Once the floodgates open, they cannot be closed, and the device security that Apple has worked so tirelessly to achieve will be unwound without so much as a congressional vote.”苹果在法律对此中写到,“此案牵涉到的并非某一孤立无援的iPhone”,而是牵涉到美国执法人员部门企图取得一种容忍了美国国会许可范围的“危险性的权力”。“闸门一旦关上,就无法关上。苹果代价不懈努力所构建的设备安全性,将在国会还并未就此案展开过任何投票表决的情况下就付之东流。

”If granted, other judges would seek a similar order in “a matter of days”, it said.这项法律对此称之为,如果这项法庭令其取得批准后,其他法官将在“数日之内”谋求发布命令类似于的命令。Mr Comey acknowledged on Thursday that the ruling in the San Bernardino case could set a precedent that would be analysed by other courts, but said that it would apply to only a few limited cases that might involve the same phone model and the same operating system.周四,科米否认圣贝纳迪诺枪击案的判决可能会设置一个判例,而其他法院不会研究这个判例。但他同时回应,此案将只限于于那些或牵涉到到完全相同手机型号和操作系统的少数受限案件。


He said that Apple had helped in the past to unlock phones when a warrant had been presented. He added that the phone would remain with Apple during any attempt to unlock it and that the software code would never leave the company, minimising the risk of it falling into the wrong hands.他回应,过去当执法人员部门索取许可令其时,苹果曾协助关卡手机。他还回应,在对涉嫌手机展开任何关卡尝试期间,手机将归苹果交给,而且软件代码总有一天会离开了该公司,从而最大限度减少它落到坏人之手的风险。

Mr Comey and Mr Cook will testify before the House judiciary committee next week about encryption, privacy and security.科米和库克下周将在美国众议院司法委员会(House judiciary committee)就加密、隐私和安全性问题出庭作证。Several Silicon Valley companies are expected to file a joint motion next week in a broad show of support for Apple’s position. Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter said on Thursday that they would back Apple together in court, while Amazon said it was considering its legal options. Google is also understood to be backing Apple.几家硅谷公司预计将于下周递交一份牵头动议,以充份展出对苹果立场的反对。







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